There was an error on the Junior Schedule for Feb 9th. The times were 7:00 -10:00 and should have been 8:00 to 11:00. This is corrected in the linked schedule. It should read as outlined below:





8:00:00 PM








9:00:00 PM








10:00:00 PM




2018 April Old Fools Tournament April 20, 21, 22 See Tournament page   

Team Name Win Loss Tie Points GF GA
Penguins 8 6 4 20 64 50
BlackHawks 8 6 4 20 82 58
Flyers 6 5 7 19 57 60
Bruins  8 8 1 17 58 60
Oilers 6 7 5 17 47 59
RedWings 3 6 9 15 43 54
Team Name Win Loss Tie Points GF GA
Bruins 12 5 1 25 75 49
BlackHawks 10 6 2 22 65 56
Flyers  7 8 3 17 58 63
Penguins 7 9 2 16 80 79
Kings 7 10 1 15 59 77
Leafs 6 11 1 13 42 56
Team Name Win Loss Ties Points GF GA
Flyers 13 3 2 28 80 50
Sharks  9 6 3 21 67 63
RedWings 9 7 1 19 58 57
BlackHawks 7 9 2 16 67 62
Stars 7 9 2 16 62 64
Canadiens 4 14 0 8 48 80

This Week in SCOHA - Jan 8th 2018

Jan 7th


KINGS 4 LEAFS 2 Kings Andy Rossit had two as did John Hewitt as the Kings doubled up the Leafs

PENGUINS 8 BRUINS 1 Pens led by Captain Dave Armstrong with 4 and Brian Powell with 3 of his own

BLACK HAWKS 2  FLYERS 1   Battle of the goal keepers as the Hawks nipped the Flyers


RED WINGS 3 CANADIENS 2  Wings led by Al Angelone with a pair  as he helped get past the Habs as John Jansen had both

SHARKS 4 FLYERS 3 Sharks John Toth had a pair  as they got past the first place Flyers led by Ghislain Piche with a pair

STARS 4 BLACK HAWKS 4 Stars Larry Litzgus with a Hat Trick  and Hawks got a pair by Robert Digiovanni , as nothing was decided on Sunday night


This Week in SCOHA - Dec 22nd 2017 to Jan 5 2018


DEC 22


FLYERS 3 VS BLACK HAWKS 3     Steve North with a pair

PENGUINS 4 VS BRUINS 0  Mark Moses with the nifty SHO


DEC 29


PENGUINS 8 VS FLYERS 2     Lee Bonnar with the Hat Trick and Tyler Heywood with a pair

OILERS 5 VS BLACK HAWKS 4 Mark Powell with a pair   and Bob Tirnanic with a pair in losing cause



PENGUINS 5 VS BLACK HAWKS 2 Shawn James with a pair

BRUINS 6 VS OILERS 1  Geoff Chowen with a Hat Trick



DEC 28


BRUINS 2 VS FLYERS 2  Wayne Sliwinski with two


BLACK HAWKS 2 VS LEAFS 1  Kevin Feist with both goals


FLYERS 4 VS BLACK HAWKS 0  Joe Locicero with his 3rd SHO of season and Ghislain Piche with a Hat Trick

SHARKS 5 VS RED WINGS 2 Mike Archer with a Hat Trick.     Bob Schweyer with a pair in a losing effort

STARS 4 VS CANADIANS 3  Keith Gear with his first two of the year


This Week in SCOHA - Dec 19th 2017


OILERS 4 PENGUINS 3   Oilers led by Bob Howarth with his first two of the season as he had a pair to help get past the Pens .   Pens led by Captain Brian Spilak with a pair.

RED WINGS 2 BLACK HAWKS 1  Friday had a tight battle just before the holidays as both goalies put on a brilliant show.

FLYERS 3  BRUINS 2  The tight hockey theme continued as all three junior games were decided by a goal ,in this game 5 different marksmen.



KINGS 5  BRUINS 3 Kings' Bob Tenison had the natural hat trick in the second as he helped beat the Bruins

BLACK HAWKS 7 PENGUINS 4 Hawks' Graydon Lee had a beauty hat trick and Jeff Davis had a pair  as they took apart the Penguins who got two by Troy Izlakar

FLYERS 4 LEAFS 1  Flyers led by Conrad Hotrum with a pair as they beat up the Leafs


BLACK HAWKS 2  SHARKS 2  Tight game on Sunday before the holidays as the goalies again were on their games in this tie.

FLYERS 3 CANADIENS 1     First place Flyers squeaked by the hard working Habs

STARS 7  RED WINGS 4     Stars led by Larry Litzgus with two as he helped take a part the Wings who were led by Rob Nacha with a pair in a losing cause.


This Week in SCOHA - Dec 11th 2017


PENGUINS 5  RED WINGS 2   Penguins led by Shawn James with a Hat Trick as he helped tear apart the Wings

FLYERS 6 OILERS 3      Flyers led by Charlie Polizzi with a pair as they doubled up the Oilers who got a pair from Dan Murphy

BRUINS 4 BLACK HAWKS 2  Bruins Kirk Blancher with a pair as they doubled up the Black hawks on Friday night



BLACK HAWKS 6 KINGS 2  Hawks led by Ernie Dunston with a pair as he helped crown the Kings where Bob Tenison had both goals in the losing cause

BRUINS 6  LEAFS 1   The hot Bruins got two goals from Alan Herron and two from Jason Sliwiniski as they stomped the Leafs

PENGUINS 4  FLYERS 1       Pens keep moving ahead as they took apart the Flyers on Sunday


STARS 4 SHARKS 1              Stars' Kelly Rintjema kept his on fire exploits going as he had another hat trick as the Stars got by the Sharks

FLYERS 6 REDWINGS 2                   Hawks' Henry Marfisi with a pair as did captain Pat Sergi with two of his own

CANADIANS 5  BLACK HAWKS 3  Habs led by their captain Marc Verrier as he had the hat trick as they got by the Black Hawks


This Week in SCOHA - Dec 4th 2017


No Games



LEAFS 3  PENGUINS 1  Leafs got past the Pens Sunday evening.

FLYERS 7 KINGS 7  Typical SCOHA 14 goal classic,  Flyers led by Steve Kivell and  Doug Benson each with a pair and Kings got the hat trick by Bob Tenison. Steve Marshall chipped in with a pair.

BRUINS 4 BLACK HAWKS 1 Bruins with a 4 person balanced goal attack over the Hawks


FLYERS 6 STARS 4  Flyers led by Enzo Giammichele with the hat trick and Henry Marfisi with a pair as they took down the Stars in a spirited affair

RED WINGS 2 BLACK HAWKS 1  Wings in a penalty filled contest got by the Hawks in a goaltender dual

SHARKS 5 CANADIENS 3 Sharks led by Kevin Boyd with a pair as he helped beat the Habs led by Richard Hamilton who also had pair in a losing cause


This Week in SCOHA - Nov 27th 2017


BRUINS 5  OILERS 1       Bruins led by Kirk Blancher with a pair as they took apart the Oilers Friday night

PENGUINS 4 BLACK HAWKS 3    Pens got the winner with 1 second left to stun the Hawks Friday night

RED WINGS 5 FLYERS 5  Flyers led by Dave Johnson with a pair of goals and the wings got output from 5 different guys



FLYERS 4  BLACK HAWKS 2  Flyers led by Dennis Haradyn with a pair as they doubled past the Hawks

BRUINS 5 PENGUINS 3 Bruins with a nice balance from 5 players out did the Pens as they got a pair from Jim Marentette

KINGS 5 LEAFS 3  Kings got a hat trick from Bob Tenison  and for the losing Leafs It was the Steve Smith show Sunday evening as he had all three


BLACK HAWKS 3  STARS 2  Black Hawks nipped the Stars by one , who were led by Kelly Rintjema who bagged a pair

SHARKS 7 FLYERS 1  Sharks led by Mr Kevin Boyd with 4 goals and a helper and Guy Shaver with 2 as well as they plastered the Flyers

RED WINGS 4 CANADIENS 3  Red wings outlasted the Habs as this game had 7 different scores


This Week in SCOHA - Nov 20th 2017


PENGUINS 4 FLYERS 3  Pens squeaked by the Flyers Friday night with Shawn James having a pair
BRUINS 4 RED WINGS 1  Bruins' Steve Wilson with the hat trick as he helped take apart the Wings
BLACKHAWKS 7 OILERS 2  BlackHawks smoked the Oil led by Ross LaCasse with two goals as did Ron Cybalski
PENGUINS 6 KINGS 3 Penguins had six different goal scorers as they doubled up the Kings which got a pair from Glenn Rouse
LEAFS 3 BLACKHAWKS 0 Leafs got the big time shutout by Bill Templeman
FLYERS 3 BRUINS 1  Flyers keep moving forward in the standings as they got by the Bruins
SHARKS 4  RED WINGS 0 Sharks sub goalie Scott Johnson with the SHO and Mike Archer with a pair
BLACK HAWKS 10 FLYERS 3  BlackHawks with the touchdown and field goal over the now no longer undefeated Flyers   Led by Robert Digiovanni with a pair and Doug Pateman with a hat trick
STARS 2 CANADIENS 0 Stars' Brian Deans with his first shutout of the season as he stopped plenty in the win Sunday night


This Week in SCOHA - Nov 13th 2017


RED WINGS 1  OILERS 1  Friday night goaltending duel between two solid clubs
BRUINS 4 PENGUINS 0   Bruins' Roman Bratovz with the nifty shutout  as the Bruins had four separate goal scorers
FLYERS 3  BLACK HAWKS 3  In a chippy game both teams battled  with approx. 7 Penalties  each as well as three goals each
FLYERS 5 LEAFS 2 Flyers led by Doug Benson with a pair as he helped rake away the Leafs on Sunday
PENGUINS 5 BLACKHAWKS 4 Pens led by captain Dave Armstrong with a pair and Hawks had 4 different goal scorers
BRUINS 6 KINGS 1 Bruins smoked the Kings led by Mike Miscio with a pair
FLYERS 4 CANADIENS 0 The magic season continues for the Flyers and Joe LoCicero continues to add to his historic season ( assist last game) now a shutout and even got a penalty to complete the Ron Hextall hat trick. Henry Marfisi with a pair
BLACK HAWKS 6 SHARKS 1 Hawks led by wily vet Peter Syring with a pair as they squished the fish
STARS 4 RED WINGS 4 Stars got some big offence late in the game with Grant Voisin with a pair as did Larry Litzgus with two of his own as their late comeback stunned the Wings


This Week in SCOHA - Nov 6th 2017


BLACKHAWKS 6  REDWINGS 2    Hawks Ross Lacasse with the hat trick  as did Mike Troback with the other three goals as they took apart the Wings
OILERS 1  PENGUINS 1  Battle of goaltending Friday night
BRUINS 8 FLYERS 5  Bruins Tom Mitchell with three goals and two by Cory Gurman and Geoff Chowan with 5 helpers as they got passed the Flyers led by Dave Kat with a pair


PENGUINS 7 FLYERS 3  Pens Glenn Stuebing with a pair as the high scoring Pens took apart the Flyers who got all three goals by Doug Benson
BLACKHAWKS 4  KINGS 2  Hawks doubled up the Kings sunday night
BRUINS 3 LEAFS 0  Bruins Bruno Santonato with  his 1st sho of the season and Mike Miscio with a pair


CANADIANS 5 BLACKHAWKS 2  Habs with two in a row on a balanced attack over the hawks
STARS 8 SHARKS 4  Kelly Rintjema with 4 goals and a helper and Scott Wheeler with two as the Stars doubled up the Sharks
FLYERS 6 REDWINGS 3       Flyers  on fire winger Alastair Kermack with a pair as did Henry Marfisi with two as the dream undefeated season continues for the Flyers 


SCOHA Donates $4,000 from the Jim Mercanti Memorial Golf Tournament to the McNally House Hospice

Last year's golf tournament raised $4,000 and it was decided by the executive to donate that money to the McNally House Hospice in the name of Jim Mercanti. The money, combined with $2,300 from the Mercanti Family goes in an effort to purchase an elevator in memory of Jim.

Please see the Jim Mercanti Memorial page here on the SCOHA site for a photo commemorating the donations.

Gord Johnson's Pics from First Ontario Centre Games are at

SCOHA game worn jersey sets for sale!   $75 each set.

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