Mohawk 4 Ice Centre Covid-19 Operational Plan as of 08-27-20 View Plan

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As of September 16th, 2020
Masters is full with 115/112 spots filled with 9 goalies. 
Intermediate is 68/84 with 3 goalies.
Junior is 40/84 with 7 goalies.

SCOHA Membership Covid-19 Update

Tentative Start

SCOHA 2019/2020
SCOHA membership-
Remember everyone is responsible for preventing the spread of COVID-19.
The Executive is working hard to ensure everyone's safety before returning to the ice.
The executive is proposing that the AGM be canceled (can't have a large meeting for foreseeable future) The existing Executive would stay in place for the upcoming season. Meaning executive terms would be increased for one year. (for 2020/2021 season only)
SCOHA has a tentative start date of Friday, Nov. 13th /Sunday, Nov. 15th
We will run an 18-week schedule. Everything is subject to change because of COVID-19.
We are waiting to see what happens when the schools reopen.
Rules that the Quad has in place and our new times-
Please understand that this list is tentative and subject to change as we continue to work with Hamilton Public Health.
COVID-19 controls and rules.
- Spectators will not be allowed for adult programming
- Dressing rooms may not be available
- At this time players must enter the rink dressed from the waist down (less skates) and put the balance of their equipment on in chairs within each
  rink that are set 6 feet apart and provided by the facility. This may be in effect at the start of our season or until such time as the City allows the use of dressing rooms.
- Showers will not be available
- temperature checks are required before entering the Quad Pad.
- participant's will only be allowed access to the building 15 minutes before their ice time (must be screened/contact traced by association)
- participants will have to leave the building 15 minutes after their ice time ends
- all-time slots will be 1 hour in duration
- no spitting or spitting water
- everyone is required to wear a mask when entering and exiting the rink
- 30-minute buffer time will be scheduled between rentals
- limited team rosters (9-11 participants per team)
- no gathering in the parking lot
- user groups will need to modify their rules to ensure distancing
- user groups will be responsible for gathering and maintaining contract tracing information for Hamilton Public Health
 It is still undecided if the Restaurant and Pro Shop will be able to open
Below is your weekly ice allocation from the Mohawk 4 Ice Centre.
8:00PM, 9:30PM, 11:00PM
Rink 1 - 5:30PM, 7:00PM, 8:30PM, 10:00PM
Rink 2 - 6:15PM, 7:45PM, 9:15PM
SCOHA additional rules-
- players cannot attend any games if they or anyone in their household are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. All players are screened at the front door.
- every player is to bring their own water bottle with their name on it.
- all players must take their personal belonging to the bench.
-  There will be no sharing of equipment.
- each team will have a roster of 10 skaters and a goalie.
- a 3-second rule for players in the crease will result in a whistle and face-off outside the blue line.
- the player must refrain from post-game handshakes. Stick salutes to the opponent will replace the traditional handshake.
-players must practice physical distancing on the bench. It is understood this will not always apply as there will be some brief exchanges while players enter
 and leave the bench
- it will be at the referee's discretion to blow the play down along the boards if they feel there is a prolonged engagement that may bring additional players
   into the scrum. The same action will be taken in front of the net when a large gathering happens in loose puck situations. Quick whistles will be encouraged.
- players are to respect physical distancing between them and the referee, especially after a whistle. Any player that intentionally does not follow this guideline
   will be penalized.
Our situation is changing weekly, we will have to adapt to our new environment.
We will keep everyone updated on any new information we receive.
The 3rd week of September all players that have signed up will receive a phone call, to see if they still interested in playing!
You will be informed of-
1- tentative start date of Friday, Nov. 13 / Sunday, Nov. 15th
2- no dressing rooms or shower are in use.
3- Come to the rink dressed in hockey gear/15 minutes before the game and exit building 15 after the game finished.
4- no beer in the parking lot (Quad has informed me they will call the police, no warnings)
5- 10 skaters and a goalie per team.
6- If numbers do not increase Junior and Intermediate division may have to be merged. (will know more by the middle of September)
7- 18-week schedule/cost $375.00
8- have to sign a COVID-19 waver form.
Will need a yes or No if you intend to play this upcoming season!
Any question contact- Terry Gudgeon     President at 289-440-0414 or
                                         Steve Ditta          V P Junior Division at 905-929-1822 or
                                         Dave Wichman  V P Intermediate Division 905-548-9906 or
                                         Joe LoCicero       V P Masters Division 905-975-4702 or

THIS WEEK IN SCOHA – August 10th, 2020


SCOHA 2019/2020

Well the cement has hardened on the SCOHA 2019-20 season. I’m not going to “mask” the fact that we all saw it coming. So how are you feeling? Can’t imagine how many of us have been so nervous to have diarrhea since the Modern Indian Buffet opened their doors about 10 years ago. Stick tap to Chris Barratto who decided to grow a rather large beard in his attempt to start a ZZ-Top cover band. Some players have admitted to wavering from their off-ice regiments but are confident they will get back to playing weight once the league announces a return to play plan. Til then, bacon burger dogs are on the menu in the foreseeable future.

SCOHA has been asked if we can play some crowd noises through the arena speakers when play resumes. For some Masters teams, booing would make it feel more like the real thing. Stay tuned.
Meanwhile over in the Intermediate circuit, Bruins Tim Pettitt has gone through his wooden stick stash at his campfire pit. He has mastered the Sher-wood flavoured spider hotdogs and hopes to have it on the Lookout Lounge menu next season.
Meanwhile, in Junior news, Oilers captain Steve Ditta is in the midst of collecting his Oilers jerseys. His basement smells like a mixed sub with double onion but give the guy credit, he is doing his part.
Speaking of cub reporter Guy Shaver, he was spotted lurking in the tall grass at the rink looking to sneak in a skate with the figure skaters over the weekend. Unfortunately, his two-two he made out of his Sharks jersey didn’t fool the rest of the skaters and was asked to leave the bubble.
On the injury front, the layoff was welcome time for some players to heal some bumps and bruises. We are all hopeful no one has suffered any offseason mishaps and hope to see everyone back at the rink soon!

Chris Marttila

Mid Summer SCOHA Covid-19 Update

Stay safe!

SCOHA 2019/2020

We hope everyone is safe.
After many hours of discussion with SCOHA members, the Executive, and the Quad, the decision has been made to cancel the remainder of the  2019/2020 playoffs.
This upcoming season will be very hard to layout and plan for with the COVID-19. All the executive effort has to be concentrated on achieving this goal.
All players will have to sign a COVID-19 waiver form before they can play this upcoming season.
We did not make this decision lightly, there is no sign of us starting in the 2020/2021 season anytime soon. We have plans in place for October or November or December start of play.

Some members have informed me that this is overly optimistic.
We will be putting additional rules in place for everyone’s safety. Will advise of new rules when finalized.
Have had one member tell us that he will not return to play till there is a vaccine.
When we have a start date, we will be contacting everyone that has pre-signed up to see if they still intend to play this upcoming season?
As of now, the Quad is only letting figure skaters and hockey skill development on the ice.  8 skaters and 2 coaches, absolutely no games, come to rink dressed in gear, 15 minutes before ice time and 15 to leave, temperature taken at door, every player has to supply their own water bottle, no dressing rooms are in use, everyone has to wear a mask to enter and leave, no parent or
spectators are allowed. 

We would ask if all team reps can help in getting the jerseys back, by either having players drop off at your house or if convenient picking them up. Please inform Chris Baratto of your progress.
Stay safe and healthy
SCOHA Executive

This Week in SCOHA - May something something, 2020

Phase 1 Edition

SCOHA 2019/2020

The answer to the quiz last week "Name that Scohaian" is Glenn Rouse!!! Thanks for all those who messaged with their guess, it was fun... The weeks are getting longer and longer. This one has been agony. I am as tired as a pair of dentures after a cold buffet but the blog isn't gonna write itself so saddle up, fellas, I've got some updates on a few of the goings on from the goings on.
This week's blog is brought to you by Bill Curran's Kitchen Guitar Party... more hits than Snoop Dogg on a Friday night... I am still waiting for some Anne Murray... give him a listen, Bill is slicker than a boiled onion on the guitar.

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This Week in SCOHA – April 30th

6 Foot Edition

SCOHA 2019/2020

Smoking up and skipping school had a lot of you in trouble constantly but now weed is legal and schools are closed. Damn kids are living the dream! This thing is dragging on and on. I still haven’t stooped to doing a puzzle, I don’t know about you.  Intermediate sniper Brock Hotrum tried to make his own hand sanitizer but it came out as a rum and coke, what are the odds….

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This Week in SCOHA - April 22, 2020

Earth Day Edition

SCOHA 2019/2020
What on earth is going on? While the Covid19 cases are rising more than a Chris Barratto low blocker-side wrister, some SCOHA heroes have been spotted keeping their skills sharp overseas in Sweden. They are all waiting for the green light to finish off our season but we are all still waiting for the lights to get turned on at the quad pad. Every store there is like an Ikea. The national tool is an allan key. Swedish meatballs are just called meatballs. No one has a clue who the Swedish Chef is…  I can go on…..
Some rumours swirling around the water cooler this week had our season continuing in late-July at a neutral arena in South Florida so get your swimming trunks ready and make sure your will is updated.

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This Week in SCOHA - April 14th 2020

Masking the Inevitible Edition

SCOHA 2019/2020
Well the Easter Bunny in now in quarantine. Too many people got too close to him over the weekend, thanks alot, folks.
Apparently many SCOHA players are growing facial hair and baking their own bread during these troubling times. Masters Chris Baratto is going to win the ZZ Top karaoke trophy when this thing is over with his already out of control beard is now a tripping hazard. He has also started doing puzzles to pass the time but his cat keeps pawing the side pieces onto the floor.

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This Week in SCOHA – April 6th, 2020


SCOHA 2019/2020

A lot of us have had enough. I don’t care about bunnies eating apples on Youtube or some idiot tiger salesman on Netflix, I want my hockey back!

While the long list of optimists is depleting by the day, this slugger is remaining positive we will finish our season at some point even if we do it with no fans in the arena. Tempers are running pretty thin around town. Stars Dale Brons got chased by some wild geese down at Confederation Park after he fed them some stale croutons. He ended up rolling an ankle, fell to the paved path, and several geese smothered him like flies on a rib roast. Doctors are pretty sure he will recover by the time hockey starts again.

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This Week in SCOHA - March 29th, 2020


SCOHA 2019/2020

Well it's SCOHA Sunday and the rain has stopped. Half of us are still in our pj's still from Friday night and we have watched all of Netflix. I started watching some Ozark show, I thought that was the name of the Buffalo Sabres backup goalie. Highlight of the weekend was listening for the tune my dryer makes when the load is dry.

There has been an uptick of Scoha players arguing amongst themselves and starting tense conversations lately. We urge those in question to find better ways to accommodate their time. Arts & Crafts, puzzles, and chasing your cat around with laser pointers are just a few ways to pass time.

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This Week in SCOHA – March 24th, 2020

Circling the Drain Edition

SCOHA 2019/2020

Speaking of flattening the plank, Intermediate Flyers captain Dave Wichman took to social media this afternoon to scold his teammates for eating doughnuts. This non-essential snack seemed to get under Wichman’s skin as he tries to keep his club ready for the continuation of the Scoha playoffs, if there is one. Apparently the States will be 100% up and running by Easter weekend so the world will be perfect again. Speaking of perfect again, our cub reporter Guy Shaver, who has been camped out at the arena since this whole Corona thing started, has asked to go home. I just left the rink and Guy just finished packing up his Coleman stove and is heading home. He said he was looking forward to drawing a bath then relaxing for a few days. He said a bat scared him last night. He stood on his folding chair and tried to shoo it away with his 6ft. hockey stick he used for social distancing. We thank Guy for braving the elements on behalf of the league. One hell of a Guy.

At any rate, SCOHA is still tucked away until further notice. Masters Sharks goalie Brian Deanes is keeping his eye/hand coordination in check by catching flies with a pair of chopsticks. I am literally holding a paper towel on my ear to stop the bleeding as I got too close with my razor while I type with my right hand.

As you know, the tournament is canceled. Rumour has it, one of the U.S. teams were stacked with ex-nhl-ers like Pat LaFontaine, Mike Modano, Brett Hull and goaltender Mike Richter so no other team stood a chance anyway, so there!

Well this update is short and sweet, to the point. Have a great rest of the week, gang…

Chris Marttila

2018/2019 Champs

2019 Junior Champs - Penguins

2019 Int Champs - Leafs

2019 Masters Champs - Stars

Junior Championship 
Bruins  2   VS  Penguins4              
Intermediate Championship 
Leafs  7      VS    0
Masters Championship 
Flames  1     VS      Stars  2        
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